Some of the Hotels we use in Vietnam

We choose our hotels very carefully & we don't try to save a few pennies by putting you in a substandard place & using silly terms to disguise it.  

We don't use terms like simple, budget, tourist or guesthouses.  What that really means is rough with a capital R

We're straight talkers & we call a spade a shovel, which is why we put pictures of the hotels we use on our web site.  The same with our boat in Ha Long Bay.  We're more than happy to show you what we've got on offer.

There's no way we'd ever put you up in any place we haven't or wouldn't stay in ourselves.  

After the old location, location & location bit, we check for comfort & then the level of service.  

Griswalds never go for anything less than big comfy beds, private bathrooms, reverse cycle air-con (except in Sa Pa where you don't need it) & satellite TV.

By service we don't mean that phoney "welcome to happy acres, have a nice life" nonsense.  That rave is usually followed up by the "cats bum" mouth when you ask for something out of the ordinary or raise a problem with the hotel.

You'll find the staff at the hotels we use to be simply wonderful.  There's always a few hiccups in the service industry like the old towels or toilet paper thing because the staff are only human after all.

We think the difference between a good hotel & a very ordinary one is of course, how they deal with your problem.  We know you'll like the staff at the hotels we use as they do know how to go that little bit further.



  Sa Pa


Ha Long Bay (Boat Cabins) and Cat Ba Island Hotel rooms





Hoi An


Nha Trang


Buon Me Thuot


Ho Chi Minh City



(Pop back from time to time as we're always updating this page with new photos of the hotels we use)    

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